BEAR Paws Outdoors

BEAR x Wildlife Trusts Campaign

One of BEAR’s longterm partnerships is with The Wildlife Trusts. The aim of the partnership is to help little ones get outdoors. Together with a brand manager, we thought creating an Outdoor Alphabet would be a nice way to help.


I created 26 Outdoor Alphabet cards, each with a big letter on the front relating to something outdoors, and an outdoor activity guide on the reverse. Not only do they teach kids the alphabet, but makes them excited about exploring outdoors, not to mention helping parents keep their little ones busy.


With 3 free cards inside a Paws multipack, it seemed another incentive to buy the healthy product. They have been hugely popular and BEAR Paws has seen great increase in rate of sale since they launched.

I also designed a kit for 4000 UK nurseries which included giant flash cards, an Outdoor Alphabet poster and multiple activity sheets. Using the look and feel from the cards, an agency designed a pack takeover.


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