BEAR's Secret Spy Adventure

BEAR Yoyos campaign 

Every single pack of BEAR Yoyos come with a free card inside  - this is a functional part of the packaging which the yoyos sit on. Every year an engaging, fun and educational campaign is created to encourage kids to collect them, and parents to buy them.


The latest set of cards is spy themed, where BEAR and his sidekick Mole, go around the world on 65 secret adventure missions. We wanted to strike a balance of creating another crazy world for kids, but also focus on the education so they are learning too. 


I led the campaign creative from overall concept ideas to packaging and card design. To teach children about amazing and weird parts of the world, we created a story centred around the much loved character of ‘BEAR’. Using a playful spy theme, 65 mission cards were created centred around Agent BEAR, his sidekick Mole, and their mission to foil the evil plans of the 10 naughty M.O.B characters (Ministry of Baddies). 


The style of the cards needed to feel very ‘spy’. We designed each card as a mission taped into a spy folder, with location and country flag too - good for the kids to expand their geography. The front features a vibrant and playful illustration of each mission, of which myself and another designer worked on together from idea to scamp to execution. The backs are packed full of engaging content for kids, including a factfile folder on the location, a globe showing where the mission is, an ‘eye spy’ which is something hidden on the front for the kids to find, plus a ‘mission-o-meter’ - a way to explain what levels of danger, difficulty, secrecy etc the mission entails. The mission cards are split into 3 difficulty levels - Expert, Pro and Rookie, colour coded and displayed as folder tabs up the right hand side.


Concept development

Packaging design

Cards design & illustration


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